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Shine Bright’s counselors serve the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for on-site counseling and consulting, as well as clients across America via phone and video counseling. Heather Behr, Andy Blum, and Suzie Hacker have over 25 years’ experience in their field of child and family counseling and services. In addition to working individually in various social work private practice agencies they have worked as a team in school settings as school mental health and guidance counselors providing support to children, families and administration. Their work has focused on helping children through developmental challenges including anxiety, depression, social concerns and delays, self-esteem, anger management, and social pressure.

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We understand that in today’s fast paced world, every parent needs a helping hand at times. Shine Bright builds


Local community Organizations (like a PTA, Rotary, etc.) and businesses want to enhance the programs they offer


Schools often refer Shine Bright to parents for services. Shine Bright is known for and excels counseling and consultation.


If you are looking to advance your social work career, gain the knowledge and confidence to get your final

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The Shine Bright staff is always friendly, considerate, and nonjudgmental. The administrative team now feels like we have a comprehensive plan for students and staff regarding bully prevention.

You’ve helped me to become a better parent after a difficult divorce. Thank you for helping me bring the joy back into parenting.


You provide a safe, non-judgmental space for me to explore my ongoing feelings and thoughts. I always feel supported and leave with practical tools for my life.