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If you are looking to advance your social work career, gain the knowledge and confidence to get your final licensure and increase your clinical skills. Individuals who have a current LMSW Texas State license and are looking to complete supervision towards their LCSW.

When you realize that you want to advance your career and need a supervisor to help guide you on your way.  Shine Bright will help to assure the supervisee’s appropriate professional development and to otherwise fulfill the requirements for licensed clinical social worker supervision through the Texas Board of Social Worker Examiners. Group and Individual supervision will be offered.  Supervision may take place in both face-to-face or telecommunication settings. Shine Bright will make sure that the supervisee’s need to complete 100 hours in no less than 24 months and no longer than 48 months requirement is met by meeting weekly.

Supervision can be done in person or virtually.

Whether you have been in the field of social work for years or have recently graduated and beginning your chosen career path, getting your LCSW license status can be a daunting task. Now is the time to earn your advanced licensure.  Andy Blum, LCSW-S can help guide you on this journey.

Group supervision will be $50 an hour. Individual supervision will be $100 and hour.


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The Shine Bright staff is always friendly, considerate, and nonjudgmental. The administrative team now feels like we have a comprehensive plan for students and staff regarding bully prevention.

You’ve helped me to become a better parent after a difficult divorce. Thank you for helping me bring the joy back into parenting.


You provide a safe, non-judgmental space for me to explore my ongoing feelings and thoughts. I always feel supported and leave with practical tools for my life.