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Schools often refer Shine Bright to parents for services.  Shine Bright is known for and excels in school collaboration with an extensive history of collaborating with and supporting administrations, teachers, and school counselors and their students.  We have experience being in the group on a regular basis, short term needs like dealing with challenging student dynamics and emergency work like traumatic events/bereavements/student illness. Experience pushing into classes to observe individual children or groups and provide analysis and recommendations.  We have been on panel discussions

Student Groups:

Counselors will come to school to meet with administration and teacher(s) to design an appropriate group agenda and length. School groups typically run 6-8 weeks with an average of 6-8 kids. Facilitators can cover a variety of topics such as anger management, perfectionism, social skills, stress management,

Classroom Guidance:

Counselors come into the classroom to work with students on issues the class or grade is struggling with. Some previous areas are positive peer relationship building, leadership skills, conflict resolution, social media etiquette, responding to peer pressure, and willing to customize groups to accommodate school’s needs.

Teacher Training:

In today’s world, teachers are called on to do so much more than teach a specific subject are. Can provide various training sessions to assist teachers. Including: how to work with challenging students; Creating a classroom culture of Yes, Importance of Play in Learning, can be customized

School Support and Coaching:

individual consultation for administrators and teachers to who are struggling with various issues in their classroom or how to best work with a particular type of student or teacher. Confidentiality is assured.

At the school location

Shine Bright clinicians has been serving the Dallas school community since 2003 and have been a trusted source for student and teacher support. Schools boast that they partner with Shine Bright to ensure the emotional health and wellness of their students


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The Shine Bright staff is always friendly, considerate, and nonjudgmental. The administrative team now feels like we have a comprehensive plan for students and staff regarding bully prevention.

You’ve helped me to become a better parent after a difficult divorce. Thank you for helping me bring the joy back into parenting.


You provide a safe, non-judgmental space for me to explore my ongoing feelings and thoughts. I always feel supported and leave with practical tools for my life.