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We understand that in today’s fast paced world, every parent needs a helping hand at times. Shine Bright builds partnerships with parents and provides child and family counseling and consultation. Specializing in fostering productive conversations with all family units. Experience with single parents, working parents, co-parents/custody issues.


For parents or child/teens. helps families with day to day challenges by offering alternative perspective around family situations; uncovering strategies to shift behavior and family dynamics and helping parents achieve their parenting and/or personal goals. for pricing and model


For parents and/or child/teens. Bring parents together to create a support system and provide opportunities for parents to learn new skills, connect with other parents and receiving information and resources. Each session brings parents together to share the joys and challenges of parenthood and develop confidence in their own abilities. Child/Teen Groups help address specific difficulty kids’ face in the classroom, on the playing field, or in small groups. For kids struggling with social anxiety, poor social skills or inattentiveness a group setting allows kids to work through their obstacles with other kids as they occur. It is also a source of support for kids dealing with grief, bullying, and other mental health struggles.

Parenting Education and Workshops:

One time session on a specific parenting topic. They are for everyone who wants to be a better parent. Facilitators utilize current research based best practices in parenting education. Examples of topics offered but not limited to parenting styles, communicating with teachers, fostering self-esteem in our children, ways to help families cope with stress, divorce, grieving, and guiding your child’s behavior in and out of the home. Counselors will provide support in various parenting topics, for example but not limited to, developmental concerns, social media, bullying. Parents will learn how to use proven communication skills to encourage their children to talk with them more openly.

Fee based on client’s requests

Individual Child/Teen Counseling:

resource for kids who need help learning to manage symptoms of anxiety, to process emotions, to work through a variety of stressors, and to improve their moods/ emotional regulation. Individual counseling provides a safe place for kids to verbalize their struggles and to seek help.

Social/emotional advocate:

for children who are or have been a client and need help advocating for emotional and learning needs within their school or camp setting. This could include helping the school put strategies and recommendations in place, and mediating issues the family would like addressed in the school.


developmental challenges, academic difficulties, behavioral issues, anxiety, eating disorders, social emotional, poor communication, stress management, executive functioning skills, high school/college transition.

Coaching sessions and individual counseling can be done by phone, video conference, or in office. homes, child’s school, mutually agreed upon convenient location.  Groups are done in the office or school.

On-going, regular basis, as needed


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Client Testimonials

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The Shine Bright staff is always friendly, considerate, and nonjudgmental. The administrative team now feels like we have a comprehensive plan for students and staff regarding bully prevention.

You’ve helped me to become a better parent after a difficult divorce. Thank you for helping me bring the joy back into parenting.


You provide a safe, non-judgmental space for me to explore my ongoing feelings and thoughts. I always feel supported and leave with practical tools for my life.